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Hey, Bucky here. I want to thank you so much for checking out our customer review page. We know it’s important to hear from others regarding what we do and how we’ve helped.

Our passion truly is to help others! We started this business because we had a passion for real estate. We then quickly discovered that so many people are struggling and need to sell their house fast! In addition to that need, they don’t know where to turn or who to trust; they don’t have knowledge of a company operating with integrity. We provide that. We love to help our clients! We often hear our customers asking “Hey, you’ve helped us so much, what can we do to help you?”.

So we’ve actually given our customers the opportunity to leave us a review or even a testimonial video. The review is essentially an unbiased opinion of the experience of how we buy houses now Tulsa with Top Dollar Home Offer. Occasionally, we receive a review even when a transaction wasn’t completed. Why? We lay everything out on the table; we don’t have anything to hide. We’ve walked away from deals where one or both parties said “This just doesn’t make sense”….and that’s okay. It’s not always a transaction that will happen. People have different needs and may be looking for different outcomes. Perhaps the timing is just not right. Many times, we hear back from these people within a few months, or maybe even the next year or two. Continuing to have a solid relationship with our customers, to be able to lay out options for you, and to be able to help you…these are important and meaningful to us.

This is your page to tell us what you think of us! This is also your page to tell others about the experience with our company. We really appreciate your business and we also appreciate reviews. If we haven’t already had the pleasure of working with you, we look forward to doing so! Whether it’s for you, a friend, or a family member, we look forward to using our services at we buy houses now Tulsa to help you.

Be aware that we can help you or your family out with simple transfer upon death deed certificates. This is a great way to not have to go through probate, which is a hard process; especially on families. The transfer upon death deed certificate allows individuals to bypass probate and assign real property over to other individuals.

Reviews are what we live by and it’s a testament of who our company is. If you would like to read more about our reviews, please click on our links below. You can easily read what other people have said about Top Dollar Home Offer and how we buy houses now Tulsa! Click on our videos as well. We provide you the best service and the most honest, transparent options.

We also believe in giving back and that is why a percentage of each transaction is given to a local charity. We support those in our local community. Not only do we improve a home’s value, we improve entire neighborhoods by increasing property values! In turn, additional home values are increased!

We appreciate you checking out this page. It gives you a good perspective of our company. We are professionals. We’ve been in this business for almost two decades and we can deliver results for you. We’ll give you the upfront and honest solution that best fits your needs. Did you know that with our ARV program, you have options? This is a great solution for anyone faced with foreclosure, divorce, back taxes, probate, inherited properties, or rental properties that they’re just done with! We’ve helped many people in many different situations and you can hear from some of these people below.

Having a home is a huge liability. We’re talking about an item that is typically worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. So many times, people find themselves in dire circumstances and don’t know what to do! Top Dollar Home Offer will lay everything out to you and show you the best options with our ARV program. Check out our reviews, or leave us a testimony. If you’ve been in this situation, we would love to hear from you. Number one, we value honest feedback. That’s the only way we can improve. We know we weren’t born perfect. Only one was born perfect and that is Jesus. We will always strive to be the most ethical, honest, and trustworthy company out there. We will take care of your needs! We are led by our values and will help you with a solution on how to buy your home.

You can see many references continuing to be added to our site as we do more transactions and meet with new people. We treasure your feedback! We also encourage you to ask questions and allow us to alleviate any of your concerns. We value what concerns you! So, don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the process. We make it a very simple, smooth one. We even work with those who have never sold as much as a ham or never knew how to get out of the tough situation they’re in. We will provide information in a simple way that you can easily understand on how we buy houses now Tulsa. We put it in layman’s terms.

We have built our company on core values and we give back. We appreciate you giving back on this page by showing all the different references and speaking to your experience with our values and integrity. So again, if you’ve met with or done business with us, we would love and appreciate a review. Please also remember that we donate a portion of each transaction to a local charity as a way to help grow our community.

We truly thank you for your business! This is our page of testimonials, which is probably the most important page. Oftentimes, I wonder if I should put this on the front page because everyone wants to know what others think! This is your chance to see what that is. Take time to read through these reviews and read through this message. We want you to feel comfortable doing business with us. We strive to be your company of choice when it comes to selling your house quickly. We buy houses now Tulsa and all over the metro and provide you the best value with the quickest and easiest solution. Simply put, we deliver what you need, quickly! We’re here and we want to help you. We’ve helped many different homeowners in many different situations, and we support our community. We value integrity, we value the friendship that we’ll build through this process, and we value the future references that you will provide us. Thank you so much!

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