How Can You Pay Cash for a Home?

We buy houses Tulsa at TopDollar HomeOffer and we are cash buyers. What is a cash home buyer? It’s someone that has liquid cash available to pay for a property in full without having to borrow money from a traditional bank, meaning that could be a cash reserve. It could be money that they can borrow against another property.

It could be any numerous items such as money that could have been invested in a stock market. It could be money laying around, it could be money left over from another investment. What it basically means is there is a $100,000 $200,000 whatever the amount of our cash offer is available setting in the bank to pay you for that property without taking a traditional loan out. We don’t give you a briefcase full of $100 bills, meaning that you’re not going to walk out with $100,000 in cash.

How do I get cash for my house?

What we do is we close at a title company. We will actually wire those funds directly to the title companies escrow account then when we buy houses Tulsa they wire or cut a check to you from the title company meaning you will leave with a check in hand or a transaction # verifying the funds is on its way to your bank account. Cash offers mean that we will pay for the property in full with cash that is not borrowed, meaning that we don’t have to go through the traditional inspections that is required for a mortgage. We don’t have to order an appraisal, we don’t have to have verification from the appraisal that the house is fixed up in good working order. We are taking and assuming all that risk when we buy houses Tulsa with our cash offer. That’s the benefit of our company when you sell us your home.

We buy houses Tulsa and pay cash for your home.

That means we don’t have to wait for an underwriter to approve the loan. A traditional loan requires you to go to a bank, apply for the mortgage, get preapproved for the mortgage, submit the property. Then it goes through underwriting. Underwriting takes an examination of the bank statements. It takes an examination of the borrower’s credit score capabilities, all these factors, the appraisal of the property, anything that was found in the appraisal report that needs to be repaired.

All those things take time. When you’re selling your property and you want to sell it fast for cash then our company Top Dollar Home Offer eliminates those steps. What we do is we pay cash and that way you don’t have to wait for 45 days a loan to be approved or not approved. We have the cash reserve setting in hand. When we make a cash offer, that’s the price we have the money setting aside in a bank account ready to close on your property. We do close at a title company meaning we have a few days to process and clear the title that away nothing comes back to haunt you.

How to Sell my house fast even an inherited property?

Maybe you inherited a property, you come to find out there were liens and things like that. Still hanging around the property or judgments. We want to ensure that everything’s cleared up. When we fix up the property and resell it, we don’t have anything that comes back to haunt us either. That’s why we close at a title company. That also gives you the security knowing that it is a legitimate deal and it’ll actually go through because we are closing at a title company. It’s not a transaction in the back of a trunk on a dark alley. We close and pay cash.


What is a cash offer to sell my house fast?

A cash offer is a walk-away in hand offer that we pay for all the closing costs. When you decide to sell your house to Top Dollar Home Offer we buy houses Tulsa with a cash offer that’s written on that paper will be what you walk away with at closing minus any mortgages or taxes that are owed on the property.

So that would be what your final sale price is and you don’t have to come up with any other expenses. You don’t have to pay for the closing, you don’t have to pay for inspections, you don’t have to pay for the appraiser, you don’t have to fix anything on the property.

When we buy houses Tulsa with cash, we are providing that cash money in hand, giving you the ability to walk away with that property sold within seven days. The cash offer is the best solution for many people.

It gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can get rid of that property fast for cash. We offer other options as well. If you don’t want to take the cash offer to get more money out of your property, it’s up to you. We would be happy to speak with you. It’s a simple process. You book a meeting with us, we’ll show up on site.

We’ll present our ARV Program that gives you options with three different offers, giving you the best offers for your properties and then you can walk away knowing that you know what your home’s worth. You know what estimates, any repairs. If you wanted to try to sell it on your own and you get to make the choice which offers the best for you. The cash offer means we will pay cash for your property, meaning we don’t have to borrow money, money’s setting.


They’re ready to purchase your, we wire that money to our closing company. A closing company will close on the property and give you a net to seller or show you how much you’ll walk away with after any mortgages or anything like that’s paid off that you owe on the property. That’s why we closed at a title company, it gives you the peace of mind knowing what you’ll walk away with that in hand as a check or a wire to your bank account, that day of closing, you’ll no longer have to deal with that property anymore and you’ll be able to have the peace of mind knowing that the property was sold and the deal will go through.

The biggest frustration with real estate is the deal’s not going through. That’s what cash offers do. They eliminate those issues, the property falling through because of a lack of approval or final approval from underwriting. That’s the power of the cash offer is you know that this deal will go through at that date and time that is set because the money is already in the bank, ready to buy that property and give you that cash for your property.

You’ll receive a check or a wire transfer into your checking account or banking account. On the day of closing, you’ll go in, you’ll sign some paperwork, and then you’ll walk out with a check or wired funds into your bank account, whichever you prefer. If you have more questions call us 918-212-5442 we are here to help those homeowners that need to sell my house fast for cash.

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