We buy houses Tulsa in 7 days we help homeowners who say, I need to sell my house fast for cash.

How fast can you buy my house or how fast can I sell my house?

Those are the questions we hear all the time. When we buy houses Tulsa we can close within seven days and sometimes less. Meaning you have the ability to walk away with cash in hand within seven days or if you need a timeframe that’s longer than seven days, we can work with you depending on your situation.

We’ve had timing of closing lineup with moving day or needing time to get all your things out of your property. We can work with you, if you’re asking yourself, how fast can you buy my house, we can buy your house in seven days.

How to sell my house in seven days?

We have cash, we pay cash for houses. It’s a simple wiring phone call to wire the funds to the title company providing you a contract for your property, setting up the closing with the title company. Doing a title research to ensure there are no outstanding liens or encumbrances or anything that’s going to affect the property or especially you when you’re trying to sell your property fast. When we buy houses Tulsa with cash, we want to make sure that we can close and have a free and clear title.

I mean that you don’t have anything that’s going to haunt you in the future. Just because we close fast doesn’t mean we take shortcuts. We do things right to ensure that you are taken care of as the homeowner needing to sell my house fast we want to ensure we have a property that’s free and clear.

When we fix up the property or when we keep the property as a rental or once we decide to sell the property in the future, there’s nothing out there that’s hanging around that could come to haunt us. If you’re asking yourself, how fast can I get cash for my house, you can get cash for your house within seven days. Its starts when we come out after you book appointment with us from our website or call us. We’ll visit with you for 30 minutes.

Present our offer, show you our cash offer, meaning a cash offer is money that we have in banks ready to put into the closing on this property. You don’t have to wait for an appraisal. You don’t have to wait for underwriting to approve our loan. We have cash in ready to pay you fast.

I need to sell my house fast?

We can help you because we pay cash. After you filled out the web form on the website, it’ll give you an opportunity to book an onsite appointment. The sooner you book the onsite appointment, the sooner we come out and show you a comparative market analysis, meaning what is your property worth? During that meeting, we’ll go through an inspection of the house, take pictures, videos, showing you all the details of the state of your property and what your home’s worth.

We will present our ARV program showing you the three options that you can choose from when you want to sell my house fast at Top Dollar Home Offer we give you options. When you have options you are put into a box, meaning that first off, you know what your property’s worth.


What is the best way to sell your house?

Are you okay with getting creative in the way you sell it. Maybe you just need cash now. That’s okay too. We buy houses Tulsa and we give you cash fast. If you own a property and you want to sell my house fast, then give us a call (918) 212-5442.

We’ve been buying houses for the last 20 years and we can buy yours. If you have questions on our process, we have all the steps laid out. Check out our next steps on how to sell your house here. This will take you to the step by step process and it’s really three simple steps.

One, you fill out the webform to the onsite meeting. Three, closing at a title company. That’s it. Walk away with cash in seven days or sometimes less depending on the situation.

When we buy houses Tulsa, we want to provide you excellent service.

Options, meaning that we show you exactly what your home’s worth. That away you are empowered. You’re the homeowner. Your name’s on the mortgage. Your name’s on the house, on the deed, and you control it, right? Until you sign off on that or until you sign a contract, you are in the driver’s seat. So remember that. If you’re looking to sell your house fast, don’t tell somebody, what would you take for your house? Well, how do you know you’re not an expert? Right?

When was the last time you bought or sold a property? You don’t want to be placed in that situation where you’re guessing what the value of your home is. Meaning, how are you supposed to know if you haven’t bought the sold properties last month or this month or even a year from now?


When we buy houses Tulsa we give you a full detailed comparative market analysis, meaning showing you exactly what your home’s worth and how to get top dollar for your home. If you want to get cash fast for your house, then give us a call. We’re here to help you. When we buy houses Tulsa, we buy them as is in any condition, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is just fill out the form, give us a call, we’ll come out, we’ll present our offers, and you can decide which solution is best for you.

More questions go through our website. We have a ton of information there, tons of free resources that can help you from credit repaired, debt busting tools, even transferring property without going through probate. There are many other ways we help just pay cash for houses.

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