What if I live out of state? Can you buy my house if I need to sell my house fast at TopDollar HomeOffer we buy houses Tulsa? Whether you live in the state of the property or if you’re out of state. We make it a simple process. We have the ability to close on that property. We can coordinate getting access to the home, to ensure we can walk through the property for you. We can provide you status updates of the property, showing you exactly what condition it is. Oftentimes out of state sellers haven’t seen the home in 15 or 20 years. They often have inherited the property and haven’t been in the house and many years they don’t understand what the condition may be.

Do I have to travel back for closing to sell my house fast?

No, We what your home is worth and close on it without having to travel in from out of state to see the property. When we buy houses Tulsa from out-of-state owners, we will provide you a detailed comparative market analysis. We will also provide you a portfolio on the property. Meaning we will go through the property and take pictures and videos for you to see the current state and condition of the home. Oftentimes you may be in out-of-state landlord, which means that you have a property management company collecting the rent or maybe you’re doing it remotely. We can schedule a time with your tenant and we can walk through the property to provide you a status update, even a complete overview of all the items that maybe need repaired or not. Then when you’re making a decision to sell your property to us, you have all the facts, pictures, videos, updated information on your property and know what other homes are going for in that area. Meaning that we will provide you a detailed market analysis. That way you’re not blindsided by saying, well, how much is my house worth? We will provide that to you, showing you exactly how much your home’s worth giving you the ability to make a decision on how you want to sell that house.

TopDollar HomeOffer we buy houses Tulsa giving you options.

We have many different solutions, meaning that we have an ARV program that provides you three options. Those three options will let you make choices in which solution works best for you as an out of state seller of that home. You may not know what the current market conditions are and that can leave you at an unfair advantage. We want to provide you a current market analysis of that property, meaning what is that home worth today? What are other homes in that area selling for and how much could I get out of my house?

If you don’t know that or if you’re not in the business, you won’t have the numbers and facts to back that up. That’s why we provide a detailed comparative market analysis showing you how we buy houses Tulsa and what your home value is worth. If you say, Hey, I just need to sell my house fast, I don’t care. We want to make sure that you understand what you’re selling the house for and what it could be worth. Meaning we go in, we take pictures of the property, we show you any repairs. We’ll provide you a detailed repair estimate and on how to sell my house fast. Or maybe it’s a property that you know that will be going into probate. We can even show you how to transfer on a deed on death certificate, meaning that you can have that person’s house transferred to you without having to go through probate.

If you’re in that stage of this process, we can help you there. It’s a simple filing, you can mail it to the courthouse or we would even help you do that if you need help there as well. When we buy houses Tulsa from out-of-state homeowners, you don’t have to be present. Basically, you accept our offer with the contract. And will you present that to the title company and open up escrow at escrow, we wire the funds into their account and then at closing date we will provide you prior to that, you will receive a net to seller from the title company showing exactly what your net is in case there was any mortgages or outstanding liens on that property. Then before the closing date, we can have a mobile notary sign the closing documents and the contract as well. The title company will wire or mail the check to you, whichever you prefer from the title company, meaning that we close at a title company, you rest assured that you’re not going to get a bogus house buyer. That would take advantage of you because you’re out of state.

We’ve been buying houses for 20 years and we have helped homeowners not only that live here but especially out of state homeowners. Oftentimes you may get transferred out of state and you haven’t been there in four or five years and you’re tired of hanging onto this rental property. We have options, you know, we can help you sell that property fast. If you say, Hey, I need to sell my fast. We buy houses Tulsa and we can buy yours. If you’re trying to figure out what the home’s worth, we show you what your home’s worth. It’s a one-stop place to understand what you can get out of your house, what your house is worth, and closing at a title company, ensuring that your funds will reach you at closing time. And when you turn over possession of that home, we can close fast, meaning we can close up the seven days that you have to turn around on that house. Making it simple, fast and easy.

When you have a property and you live out of state and I want to sell my house, what do I do?

It’s a three-step process. You go to our website, click on the link, fill out the information about yourself and the property address. We’ll contact you and we’ll set up a time to coordinate how to get in the house. Whether that’s mailing us a key or work with the tenants or whatever the situation may be. We’ll get access to the property. We’ll provide a detailed overview of pictures repair costs, any of those items. You will know exactly the state of condition of your home from there that you can make decision. Then choose one of our three options and our ARV program, pick a date and time to close to the title company. And you will be wired or mailed your funds. More questions 918-212-5442 call us today.