No! You don’t even have to lift a hammer. That’s right when we buy houses Tulsa we buy them as is. Meaning you don’t have to make any repairs. What does that mean? Every home we’ve ever looked at needed some type of repairs. Do you know how to do foundation repairs? Do you know how to fix a roof? Do you know what it would cost to replace the AC unit or how old is your hot water heater and all those things? Those are all costly repairs that you may not be prepared for when you want to sell your house fast. Are you wanting to wait several weeks to hear from an inspector or an appraiser? All the things that are wrong with your house? No! We don’t care if your house needs repairs when we buy houses as-is, meaning you don’t have to make repairs.

When we buy houses Tulsa no repairs are needed from your side. We will buy them as is. Meaning that you don’t have to lift a hammer, fix the electrical issue, change a light bulb. None of those things. That’s part of what we do as real estate investors. We help homeowners that say, I need to sell my house fast, and I don’t want to fix anything and that’s what we do. We actually go through and walk through the house and show you how we come up with our cash offer. How fair would that be if I just came in there and threw an offer down? That was almost ridiculous to you, right? Well, we know exactly what it costs to repair a house to bring it up to the valuation of the market and if you have a home that hasn’t been fixed up for years and you feel like you want to get what the comparable market analysis is, meaning what are the homes worth right now?

That means those homes have been sold in good condition or in great condition with all the repairs done. There’s going to be a price difference between what the homes are selling for right now and the homes that have sold for as is and what our cash offer is. That’s why we want to work everything back from our ARV program. Our ARV program shows exactly how to get top dollar for your home. It shows you how if you want to make repairs to get the very top dollar out of your home. We also have a second option, which is our REI option, which gives you the option to get creative with the property. Meaning sometimes we buy properties from homeowners and we do creative financing or creative options which allows you to get more money out of your house depending on your situation.

How to get cash fast for my house?

With TopDollar HomeOffer you don’t even have to make a repair, or any cleanup, not even pull a broom out of the closet. We buy houses Tulsa fast for cash. If you have a home for a few year the repairs can accumulate, those are costly, right? If you get somebody to come to your house, a handyman, it’s gonna cost you $30 an hour plus parts and labor. You know a simple foundation repair could cost two to $3,000 a new hot water tank is going to be at least a $1,000. All these things add up in a hurry. What if you have drainage issues? What if you have a leaky roof? What if you have cracked walls, foundation? All those things are very costly repairs. You don’t have to fix any of that. Or if you have a toilet run or a leaky faucet, how much is it going to cost you to get a plumber out to move a gas line or fix something like that?

Those are costly repairs. When you sell us your house, we take care of all that. All we do is we set up a time to close at the title company to sell my house fast and you walk away with a check in hand or wired funds to your bank account. It’s that easy just book an onsite meeting with this. After you submit your information during the onsite meeting, we’ll show you what your home’s worth and we’ll do a repair estimate and we’ll show you a detailed market analysis of what homes sell for. We will set a closing date and time and you’ll show up at the title company. We’ll do a title search and make sure everything’s clean and clear, clearing any risks in the future for you that can come back and haunt you. We close at a title company making a legal transaction that is filed with the and ready to go.

If you have questions about this process or have a house that you want to sell my house fast, we would love to speak with you. If you don’t want to make repairs on your home, we would love to speak with you. We’ve helped so many homeowners out there that says, Oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to begin to repair. Sometimes they live in a house for five years and haven’t done one thing to it. Even if you bought a brand new house five years ago, there’s going to be a lot of repairs needed after that. Five years at home takes constant upkeep, meaning that every year you’re going to have to either paint, do some kind of repairs, update. There are always things that need to be done because homes around you that are selling are being updated. Homes that sell fast for top dollar, they need to be updated.

That’s the cool thing is we will give you those options. We have an ARV program that allows you to partner with us, work with this, whatever may be the best fit for you, but realize if you want to walk away without doing anything, putting any money into the property, you can. We buy houses Tulsa for cash and we can help you do that. Just fill out the webform.

How to sell my house fast for cash.

I don’t want to do a repair one. I don’t want to pull out one piece of furniture. Throw away one box. We can do it. Maybe you moved all your stuff out and maybe you have a tenant in there that you are tired of. We buy houses Tulsa for cash and you don’t have to make repairs, repairs, add up in a hurry. Whether it’s plumbing issues, whether it’s paint, whether it’s all those things add up. To get a painter out there to paint a room for $150 or you can get a plumber out for$75 an hour plus parts and labor. It all adds up. If you don’t want to spend any money, give us a call. We buy houses Tulsa for cash.