We have broken down the steps into 3 simple steps for you. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. If you would like to sell your home. If you say, Hey, I need to sell my house fast, we buy houses Tulsa and we love to buy yours.


Fill out the web form on our webpage or you can give us a call with your information.

Step 2:

We will meet on-site with you to review a comparative market analysis.

Step 3:

Close at a title company and receive your cash.

When we buy houses Tulsa that’s the three steps to when a homeowner is saying I want to sell my house fast.

What all goes into those three steps? Step one, go to our website it is super easy to use. We just need the address of the property, your contact information such as your name, phone number, and email. Then that will start the process and you can even book a time that we have available on our website to meet with our expert consultants.

Which takes us to step two. Our team will come out on-site, they will walk the property, take pictures of your property, meet with you in a 30-minute consultation during that consultation, we’re going to leave you with a comparative market analysis and estimated repair costs and you’ll have three options with our ARV program. You will have the benefit of choice, meaning you are not stuck with just one offer. You’ll actually have three different offers that day and you can sell my house fast. Step three, once the agreement for one of the offers is made, then we will set up closing at a title company. In that closing, you will walk away with cash in hand, either a check or a wire transfer to your bank account. We close at a title company, meaning that we want to bring the title up to par.

We want to ensure that everything goes through correctly when we buy houses Tulsa. At closing, we handle all the paperwork, we handle all the fees, you’re not out any extra money. You will know when you get a cash offer from us, this is how much we’re going to pay for your property, less the mortgage or taxes that are due on the property. From there we will close at the title office, that’s our simple three-step process to sell your home fast for cash.

How do I sell my house fast? It’s three steps.
Step one fill out a form or us, our phone number is 918-212-5442 or you can go to topdollarhomeoffer.com and click on get my offer on our homepage and fill out the web form there. From there you can also book your appointment, that’s step two. We need to meet with you onsite. During that onsite meeting, we will show up with a comparative market analysis, meaning we’ll show you the exact value, what’s your home’s worth today so you know what kind of offers to expect based upon what your home is worth today.

From there we will walk the property, we will take pictures of the property, shoot videos of the property, and then provides you with a detailed repair estimate. Ensuring that you know what the value of your property is or what the value of the property could be worth. If you wanted to fix it up, then you’re left with three options. Everybody loves options and when we buy houses Tulsa we provide you options. If you’re looking to sell your property, we can give you three different choices to sell your property to us. After that meeting, you have a time period because real estate values change over time and we want to ensure that the offer we made is fair and just so you will have, you know, thirty days to accept the offer. And after that thirty days, we’ll have to do a reevaluation of the property because property values do change from time to time.

After you review those offers and accept those, then we will set a closing date for that property. You don’t have to do anything but just show up for the closing. We will take care of all the paperwork. We’ll take care of all the fees that are associated with closing. Then we will meet at the title company, or we can use a mobile notary or if you’re out of state would you use a mobile closing and from there we will close on the property. We’ll provide the funds for the property when we buy houses Tulsa meaning we pay cash which helps homeowners when they need to sell my house fast, the funds that are already there, we just wire those to the title company. They will do the transaction and then you’ll leave with the wired money to your bank account or a check in hand, whichever you prefer. At that point you have relieved yourself at that property or sold that property for a great deal

And you can move on forward with your life. That is our three-step process. So step one, you fill out your contact information either by calling us or filling out the webform and booking an appointment with us. Step two is the onsite meeting and consultation and you’ll provide provided several different things. They’re absolutely free. It’s a free consultation when we buy houses Tulsa. You’ll know your home value, you’ll know the competitive market analysis, you’ll know your repair costs and you’ll have three options for you to choose from. Then step three is actually the closing at the title company. That’s where you get to decide how you want your funds either wired to you or a check in hand. If you have other questions about this process, we’re happy to discuss them with you give us a call at 918-212-5442.