I love this question. It’s Free! Yes, that’s right free no-obligation onsite visit. The way our process works is when you want to sell your house fast or say,

I need to sell my house fast. What do I do?

Or how much is my house worth? Give us a call 918-212-5442 and we will come out and provide you a free, yes free consultation, no-obligation consultation, giving you three options on how to sell your house fast. Yes, that’s right. We buy houses Tulsa and we will show you exactly what your home’s worth. That’s our main difference is we will provide you a comparative market analysis showing you the exact value of your home. If you’re in a situation where you say, I’m curious how much is my house worth?

What will it cost me for somebody to come out and take a look at it?

We do a free consultation, no obligation, meaning that we will come out to your house and meet with you. It just takes a couple of steps to get there. The first step is to fill out your information on our website, including your phone number, email address, property address. We even provide a simple link that you can click on to book the time. That’s the next step. If you submit your information, we’ll call you or email you to set up a time for us to come out on site. That’s step two. Step two, we will show up on-site with a detailed comparative market analysis showing the trends in the neighborhood, the home values, what homes have sold for. All of those details will be presented to you along with our ARV program, meaning that we will show you three different ways to get top dollar for your home.

So what’s it cost you?

Nothing. It’s absolutely free. A free consultation for you from TopDollar HomeOffer we buy houses Tulsa we pay cash. And if you’re a homeowner that says, I need to sell my house fast, we can help. Just give us a call (918) 212-5442. Remember it’s a free, no-obligation onsite visit. We will actually come out and visit with you. During that visit. We break down all the details of what your home’s worth and how to get the most money out of your home. We show you three different ways. After we review your comparative market analysis, we will show you any repair costs. We will walk through your property. We’ll take pictures of your property, we’ll take videos of your property. We’ll point out anything that you would normally have to fix if you were going to get, it’s sold with a real estate agent, saving you time and money in the hassle because you have options we pay cash as is, meaning you don’t even have to take a picture frame off the wall.

You can leave what you don’t want in the house. We buy houses as is any condition, and it doesn’t matter if it’s burnout, if it’s storm damage, if the house has set in empty or if it’s completely full of stuff. Sometimes when people inherit houses, they don’t know what they’re getting into and a house hasn’t been repaired in many years. Give us a call. Even if you’re out of state, you’re like, I don’t even know what to do with this thing.

How much is this house worth?

We offer a free consultation and a competitive market analysis. Our onsite visits, we’ll show you all the details of what you to know to make a sound judgment on how you want to sell your house or if you need to sell your house fast.

We know the ins and outs and we’ve helped so many different people. We can’t even count them on our fingers when we buy houses Tulsa, we want to help you sell your house fast. Go to our website, www.topdollahomeoffer.com fill out the web form, book a time from our calendar and it doesn’t get any simpler than that. We’ll come out with our free, no-obligation evaluation of your property and show you the details and exact processes on how to get top dollar from your home. What do you have to lose 30 minutes of your time and knowing what your home’s worth could save you thousands of dollars putting money back in your pocket?

If you’re wondering what is a free consultation to sell my house fast?

A free consultation means that we show up on-site with the clipboard in hand and a camera as well. We’ll go through and walk through the entire house room by room, by room, by room, by room. We’ll look at the roof. We’ll look at the foundation. We’ll look at the structure. We’ll look at all the things that go into the evaluation of a property. We’ll make a listing of any repairs because when we buy houses Tulsa, we fixed them up, but we want to know the cost it would cost us to repair those items and we’re trying to sell it. If you’re trying to sell it as is, somebody has to fix those items and we have to account for those. When we buy houses Tulsa we want to make sure that you understand all the costs that it would take to incur to fix up a property because you’re not having to do it right, but you’re going to have to understand those costs in order to see the value of your offer. We show you exactly what it cost us to fix up the house, whether you want us to or not, or whether you’re going to do it or not.