Who sells their house to TopDollar HomeOffer, yes we buy houses Tulsa?

We work with people in all different types of situations. If they bought a new home and they can’t sell their old home, if they’ve experienced a death of a loved one and need to sell their property fast, some have trouble because they don’t have equity in their home but need to downsize or move for a job transfer. Many are tired of being a landlord or have renter nightmares. It really comes down to helping homeowners who feel stuck in their houses and need a way to sell their home. Many have worked with a real estate agent and it hasn’t come through as promised, those who need to sell because of divorce. Anyone facing job transfer location, people who don’t want to work with the real estate brokers or pay those commissions. People who are behind on payments, facing foreclosure, people who own a vacant house that needs repair. People who own houses with liens or title problems and all peoples from walks alive that just want to sell their house fast for cash regardless of repairs and they want to close quickly with a reliable company. We buy houses Tulsa when people say…

How to sell my house fast

We are asked who are those people that need to sell their house fast? We have helped people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if they are behind on the mortgage, or they inherited a property that they need to sell quickly. Oftentimes we work with couples that are married and they both own homes and one decided to move in with the other and they decided to become a landlord soon they realize that it’s not their cup of tea. We have oftentimes bought houses when people say, I need to relocate out of state and I need a, from a job transfer. Oftentimes people that went through divorce or separation where they depended on two incomes, now they have one. There’s oftentimes when they’re not wanting to deal with structural repairs or maybe there’s just a bad feeling in the house that they just wanna move on. That happens sometimes. Sometimes it’s, it was your grandparents’ house you moved into and you don’t want to fix it up anymore and you just want to move out and maybe you’re dating somebody or whatever and you decide to move in with them.

We help people when they don’t want to make any repairs. Oftentimes when you want to sell it with a real estate agent, they want you to make a lot of repairs or the bank underwriters want you to make a lot of repairs. We don’t care. You can leave the property as is and we buy houses Tulsa just the way it is. You don’t have to move one picture or pick up one piece of dirt off the floor or even dog poop sometimes. It really just depends on anybody’s circumstances. If you own a home and you’re tired of owning the home or if you own a home and you want to sell it, those are the type of houses we buy. It doesn’t matter where they’re located. We buy houses Tulsa and across Tulsa County and we’ve been buying homes for the last 20 years and we definitely would be interested in talking with you about buying yours.

Who sells their house to we buy houses Tulsa at TopDollar HomeOffer?

They are typically people that want to sell their house fast or I’ve just been frustrated with the process of dealing with a real estate agent and just want to be done with the property, cashed out and move on. Oftentimes people build a new home and their other home didn’t sell and they just need to cash out so they can just move forward in their life. And that happens as well. But it doesn’t really matter to us. The difference with our company is we have an ARV program which presents three offers, giving you the most value are the top dollar for your home. And that lets you have choices when you decide on how you want to sell your home fast. And we have people that say, you know, I don’t want to be ripped off.

We don’t ask you what you think your home’s worth because we realize that you’re not in the market. You’re not buying houses each and every week or you’re not a real estate agent that can pull comps or you’re not an appraiser that can tell you what the value of the property is. The difference with our company. As we come out and we show you the market value of your home, we can show you the ARV program, which shows you what your home could be worth. And then we break it down into three different options, showing you how to get the most money out of your house and how we determine the numbers and how those add up and show you exactly what your property is worth and what you can walk away with if you want to walk away with cash in your pocket.

We close within seven days or on your timeframe. It doesn’t matter if you’re out of state, we can close out of state, but we are here to support you. We are here to be a resource. And when people say, Hey, I need to sell my house fast, they talk to us and just because we may not buy their house or they’re not ready to finally sell it, we off offer other options for them as well. We have a budgeting workshop, credit repair solutions that we offer free, even a transfer on Deed death certificate so you can pass real property to your heirs without having to go through probate, saving them lots of time and money. We are more than just a real estate investment company. We actually look to serve people and our community and as we do that, we’re raising home values and it’s increasing the values of our neighborhood.

Increasing taxes revenue from property appreciation is a good thing because it provides better education for our schools, libraries, all those things that the tax money from owning property pays to expand and make our community better, safer, and more advanced. We have been buying houses for the last 20 years and it doesn’t matter if you’re facing foreclosure, if you’re upside down in your property and say I want to sell my house fast or if you have a situation that you want to talk through, just give us a call at 918-212-5442. We can talk you through it. Even if you don’t want us to buy your house, that’s fine. We believe in paying it forward and seeding those seeding that so’s out there, that in the future it’ll come back to us and we can reap that harvest then. But we believe that the more people we help each and every day, it will just help our business in the future.

When we buy houses Tulsa we give back a portion, a great portion of our income that we make from this company. We’re not just pocking pocketing this money and putting it into a Lamborghini. We’re actually strategically giving and our goal is to liv3 on 25% of our income and give away 75%. That’s our goal by 2025.