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Thank you so much for taking the time to book our appointment. We will actually show up on-site 10 minutes prior to our meeting. Our meeting will consist of 30 minutes and during that meeting, we will walk you through step by step of the value of your home. We’ll present a comparative market analysis, giving you a full understanding of what your home is worth today. We’ll also show you what your home could be worth with our ARV program. Our ARV program consists of providing you three options to get top dollar for your home. When we buy houses Tulsa we feel like it’s our duty as experts to show you exactly what your home’s worth. That being said, we want to present a full detailed comparison of other homes that have sold recently in the area and other homes that are repaired or maybe fixed up greater than yours and what your home could be worth showing you exactly how much equity you have in your property today or could have if you wanted to fix it up.

During this process. You get to decide which of the three options is best for you. We want to empower you with the right information and give you the ability to make the right decisions. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to schedule this appointment with us. We want to ensure that you are in control and you know exactly what your property’s worth. There are so many times that our competitors show up at homeowners and they’re already upset because our competitors always ask, what do you want out of your house? Or what do you think your home’s worth? That is a rhetorical question in our minds, they expect you to guess what the home value is. You’re not a real estate expert. We are real estate experts. We should tell you exactly what your home’s worth.

I mean, you may have an idea, but how do you for sure we know home values change every few weeks. The market changes all the time. That comparative market analysis that we provide is only good for a short period of time. In our market today, the houses don’t fluctuate10-15% very often, but if there is a steady fluctuation, so you want to ensure that you’re in line, especially if you say, Hey, I need to sell my house fast. You want to be able to find the right solution that fits what your needs are. We have many options when we come out to meet with you. We have flexible options. We have a cash offer option. We have an ARV program that details each of so you can understand exactly which top dollar home offer makes the most sense for you. We buy houses Tulsa all over the County and we can help you with yours.

We appreciate you taking the time to schedule a meeting and fill out this web form. If you haven’t scheduled a meeting, there is an icon above with the calendar link that you can click on by booking that calendar that actually allows you to pick a day in time that’s open in our calendar that matches a day in time that works best for you, we want to make this process so simple. Our simple process of how we buy houses Tulsa starts when you book a time with us. You’ve filled out a web form already, then book a time. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to do that because then we can show up on-site at the appointment with your comparative market analysis as we walked through your property, we’re going to show you exactly what repairs are needed. We’ll show you exactly what your home is worth today and if you say, I need to sell my house fast, we will show you which of the three programs we have to offer.

Then you can decide what your timeframe is, how much cash or maybe flexible options that make the most sense for you to get more money out of your property. We want to give you choices. We will tell you what your home’s worth and we thank you for giving us that opportunity. It’s a no-obligation offer and it does expire because keep in mind the real estate market does fluctuate. When we buy houses Tulsa our offers do have a deadline and it’s not a sales pressure tactic. It just because real estate changes so often and we want to ensure that we are providing you the best offer on your property. In that given timeframe. Now, since you filled out the web form, you’re either going to hear from us by phone or email to book your meeting. If you haven’t already clicked on the calendar link above, if you want to take the next step and the initiative to schedule it, just click on the calendar and pick a date and time that works best for you.

After you pick that date and time, we’re going to show up with your detailed market analysis and we’ll show you how we buy houses Tulsa and how we can buy your house today. We can close as fast as seven days and give you cash at closing. We close at a reputable title company ensuring that when you transfer that deed to us that it’s going to be free and clear and there’s nothing that’s going to come back to haunt you later. We want to make sure when we buy properties, we bring everything up and clear and free and clear at the title company. That way when we fix and flip these houses, we don’t have anything that comes back to haunt us either. It’s our due diligence that we help you and we help future buyers of the properties that we fix up and sell. That being said, keep in mind the way we buy houses Tulsa is different from our competitors.

We show you what your home’s worth and don’t say what do you think your home’s worth or how much cash do you need or how much do you need out of it? How are you supposed to know that if you’re not a real estate investor or a real estate agent, you really don’t have any idea? There are some tools on the web that you can search and look at, but they’re only as good as the tools and the information that’s in there. As a real estate investor, we know what the market holds, we know what the market sells for and that’s why we want to show you exactly what your home’s worth. We appreciate you taking the time to schedule this meeting with us or fill out the webform. Again, if you haven’t booked a time with this and if you haven’t received a phone call a buy now from us, then you can call us at (918) 212-5442 or you can email founder either one of those methods or use our calendar and book a time that fits your needs.

We will come out, we will meet with you. We will show you the comparative market analysis. We will show you our ARV program and allow you to pick the best option that works for your needs or maybe no option. Maybe you just want to know what your home’s worth. We’re happy to help. We believe in helping others. Our website is packed full of resources. Our YouTube is packed full of resources. We have free sheets budgeting sheets, debt snowball sheets that we use with Google sheets that makes it really simple and easy to use. We love Google. It makes it so easy. And if you have other questions, you can always give us a call if you’re lost and don’t even know what the next step call our phone number (918) 212-5442 or happy to help. And we thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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