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We Buy Houses Now Tulsa – How it works


Wondering exactly how all this works? We make it a super simple process. We will buy your home with cash. You will not have to pay any realtor fees, closing costs, and/or other fees that are incorporated into your property…even back taxes! Our goal here is to buy your house fast; to provide you with a cash offer within 24 hours. We will meet with you onsite and show you the breakdown of what the cash offer is. We will also show you how to get access to our ARV program, which gives you the maximum amount of money for your house. If you would like to find out more about our ARV program and how to get maximum dollar out of your home, simply complete your address and contact information below. We will book a time to meet with you at the property. We’ll also have a link to our calendar so you can book a time that’s convenient for you!
We make this process simple and painless. We understand the scenarios people face; divorce, foreclosure, owing back taxes, inheriting a property. Some individuals have a property hung up in probate. Maybe the family is fighting over it. We come in and help solve those problems. We help people that are facing any types of crisis. We buy houses now Tulsa all over the metro and we can buy yours! It’s a very easy process and it doesn’t cost you anything. Want to know the best part? If we can’t come to terms on an agreement and you don’t choose our ARV program, you walk away knowing exactly what your home is worth.
Whether you choose to do business with us or not, our goal here is to help fix up the neighborhoods; to bring up the value of our properties. It makes sense. So it’s a super simple process. Go onto the website, text or call us, and we’ll gather three pieces of information. We need your name, phone number, and address of the property. After that, we will set an appointment with you. We will come to the property with the ARV value. We will show you as we go through the property what it will take to reach that value. We’ll leave that offer with you. You will be presented with our ARV program and you’ll know what the property is worth. You’ll be able to make a decision on whether or not this is right for you.
It doesn’t get any simpler than that. We’ve been in the business of buying properties for two decades and we’ve purchased all types of different homes. No matter what your situation is, our goal is to help you…fast and easy. We are very flexible so if you need to wait a couple months, that’s fine. We have no set timeframe. If you are pushing up against a wall, we can help you there as well. We will help you sell your home fast. We take all the strings and hurdles out of the way. Typically, when you’re trying to sell a home you have a realtor and a traditional home buyer. That takes a lot of steps. In order to get that home sold in an allotted timeframe, you have to wait for them to find a buyer and then you have to wait for that buyer to go through the whole process of receiving a mortgage on that property.
The differences is We buy houses Now Tulsa is we are cash buyers. Using our cash resources, we can pay for properties outright. We don’t go through the traditional route of borrowing from banks. This cuts out all the red tape. We can come in and buy your house right away! You can also go through our ARV program and have an option to get the maximum dollar value for your home. Our goal here is to help you. We’re going to make it simple. Our team has been in real estate for many years and we look forward to showing you exactly how it works. Again, only three things that you need to do; provide your name, the address to the property, and an available time to set up an appointment. You can do this by phone, text, or our website.
We stay very booked and busy. If you find that we don’t have many spots available, please be considerate. When you do book a spot that you’re able to attend, we will come out on site and we’ll spend 30 minutes going through the process. We will take pictures of the property and put together a whole review and analysis showing you exactly what the ARV of your property is. We walk you through our ARV program and tell you exactly what it would take to reach that ARV goal. We want to help you get maximum dollar out of your property. We want to help you sell your house fast. We buy houses now Tulsa and we will pay cash for your house. So whichever solution or situation you’re facing, we can help you there. It’s a very simple process. We buy bouses now Tulsa all across the metro and we want to buy yours. We fix up neighborhoods which increases home values. This, in turn, increases tax revenue for our schools. This helps our children!
We also donate a percentage of each transaction to a local charity. We believe in giving back locally and supporting our local community. We’re buying properties in this area and the more properties we can buy, the higher that we can increase the value of homes in the area. This has a domino effect. It allows our other properties we own in the area to increase in value. It helps people drive through a neighborhood and feel like they belong. The homes are beautiful and well taken care of. It’s a win-win situation! Our passion for real estate is more than just buying the properties; it’s about impacting the community. We will often go into a community and buy a property to fix it up. Suddenly, the neighbors have started fixing up their properties or making repairs, and it becomes contagious. We want to see this in many different neighborhoods.
Do you have a property in your area that is simply a nuisance to look at? Maybe the grass is grown up or no one is maintaining the home. All you must do is drop us the address of that property and we will actually look that owner up and reach out to them. You can do yourself a favor by taking properties that you see in your neighborhood and drop them into our website. We will reach out to those owners and buy those properties…and fix those properties up so it increases the value of your property in the neighborhood! If you’re tired of looking at the property across the street, with its missing shingles and falling gutters, we can help! Get started by dropping in the address of the property. We will show you what the home is worth through our ARV program. We will show you what a cash offer would consist of, because we buy houses now Tulsa …quick and efficient.

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