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Hi, my name is Bucky Cordray. I have always had a passion for real estate; starting in my childhood and throughout my years helping my dad with his rental properties, as well as doing construction on many others. After I bought my first property, I attained my real estate license to gain full understanding of all aspects of real estate. I have continued to study real estate over the last 20 years. My family includes a wonderful woman I plan to soon marry and four (between the two of us) amazing children. We hope to expand our family, including adopting one or more children. Our passion is serving God, serving others, and positively impacting our local community through real estate. I bought my first property in 1999. It was a rehab project and I saw the potential. I bought my second property shortly afterward, which started my investing experience in real estate.

Over the years, I bought many different properties and helped many different homeowners sell their property-easy and fast. I’ve also partnered with homeowners to get them the best value for their properties. I’ve been able to help many different people sell their house quickly and work with them to find the best solution to the real estate issues they face. Our mission is to help people. That’s why we do this. It’s not an income that we need, or a paycheck we’re chasing. This is a service to our town. We love this area. We love fixing up neighborhoods and bringing value back when we buy houses now Tulsa , not only for the property that we buy but also for other properties in the area.

As one house gets remodeled and fixed up, other properties will start to appreciate. This is due to the value of the neighborhood increasing. We take our time to understand exactly what your needs are and where you need help. We’ve helped people in all different types of situations. We’ve helped people that were facing foreclosure, job transfers, divorce, inherited properties, and even property owners frustrated with damaging renters. We want to give you the maximum value for your property.

You can read our “How it works” page and learn about our ARV program, as well as how we get you the maximum dollar for your property. This ensures you don’t just get a low ball offer that upsets you. We are Christians who value integrity. We donate 10% of the income from this company. Our 5 year goal is actually to live on just 25% of our income. We’re focused on helping others. We’re focused on giving abundantly. We would love the opportunity to share more about our vision and how we can help you. I’ve personally been through some challenging situations.

I’ve been through a divorce and then found myself on the road to re-marriage. I’ve had to do short sales. I’ve been through the housing crash watched it affect many different people in many different ways. The good thing is, I’ve learned lessons through those situations of divorce, foreclosure, and what to do with those properties. I understand! We want to make an impact here locally and when we buy houses now Tulsa we operate with integrity. We’re honest and we’re trustworthy. We’re in this for the long run. In the nearly 2 decades we’ve been in real estate, we’ve seen a lot of companies come and go. They pop up and then disappear. There are often classes that come into town to teach people a little bit about real estate. You then have an influx of people trying to buy your house and you see the “We buy houses!” signs taking over your neighborhood.

We pride ourselves on the real estate knowledge and experience that we possess. With over 2 decades of experience, having been a real estate agent, and having studied the financial aspects of real estate…we have knowledge! We have worked with many different situations. We have an equity pool that we can tap into to be able to provide you the most value for your home. We have options to partner with us. We are truly here to help you and that’s our purpose. I’m 40 years old in 2019 and it’s been a wonderful 40 years! I look forward to the future and to helping you and your friends as situations arise regarding your properties. I’ve owned several different companies over the years. I’ve bought and sold a couple of different companies and today, we’re rebranding this company. We’re starting out fresh and look forward to serving you when we buy houses now Tulsa and helping you.

Our goal is to maximize the value that you get out of your property and make it simple. We want to close on your property when it’s convenient for you. We want to give you the most amount of money out of the property. And we’ll show you the facts! That’s the difference with our company; we actually show you what your property could be worth and what our team will have to do in order to get that value. It’s unique because we’re not just going to come to your property and offer you an amount that is much lower than your value. There are companies out there that will give you very low, unfair offers. That’s NOT how we buy houses now Tulsa ! We operate with integrity and pride ourselves on helping you. We will do what’s right for both you and us. We donate locally. Our goal here is to fix up our local community.

One great thing is we often have people call in and say “Hey, there’s a house down the street that I was wondering if you could you do something with? “. We have options for that! We really just need a property address and then we’ll take it from there. Please remember we buy houses now Tulsa all over the metro. We will come in and set up a meeting with you to review the property. We’ll take a deep dive to understand what the value of the property is and present that to you. It only takes about 30 minutes and then you’ll leave with options! We thank you and look forward to working with you.

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