What if I’m behind on my mortgage?

We buy houses Tulsa, even if you’re behind on your mortgage. Many times we work with homeowners who are burdened by financial stress, meaning that they have gotten behind on their home mortgage and they don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s a loss of income from a job loss. Maybe it’s a loss of income from the big medical bills or you were out of work for a period of time.

Even a divorce or a separation where you had a certain amount of income coming in for the household and now it’s cut in half or a third, whatever that situation may be. When we buy houses Tulsa, we can help you out of the situation.

Depending on what your situation is, whether you’re looking to stay in the home, whether you’re looking to rebuild your credit and start fresh, whether you’re wanting to downsize on the property, we buy houses Tulsa and we can help you with yours.

Help I need to sell my house fast.

We’ve even helped homeowners catch up on their mortgage payments and do a buyback so we would actually purchase the property from you. And then re-lease it back to you with an option to buy. We do have solutions depending on your situation and what you want to work through with our company.

We have an ARV program, meaning here’s three options when you need to sell my house fast. We show you one what the house is worth. Option two, which is creative financing and then third is our cash offer. If you just need out of the house and what you can walk away with that closing.

Sometimes people have no equity in their house and they’re behind on the mortgage payments and we want to help you out of that situation.

When we buy houses Tulsa we can help you even if you’re behind your mortgage or you’re facing foreclosure.

It takes a while for banks to foreclose on properties, but don’t wait too long every month. It puts you further and further behind and harder to get out of that situation. If you’re facing being behind on your mortgages or mortgage payment, we can help.

You can give us a call 918-212-5442 We buy houses Tulsa and we help homeowners who say, I need to sell my house fast, I’m behind on my mortgage or I’m behind on my loan.

What does that mean? What happens? You’ll start receiving letters from your bank and after three months of being behind on your mortgage payments, they will start the foreclosure process and the foreclosure process, depending on the bank can happen within the next 90 days.


And what will happen is they will foreclose on your property and the sheriff will show up at your door to get you out of the house, which is an ugly, ugly situation.

Depending on where you’re at in this process, how many mortgage payments are you behind? What do you owe on the property? Those are the things that we’ll work through with you to make sure we have a good understanding of how we can best help you out of your situation. Remember, you do have options.

When we buy houses Tulsa, you have multiple different options to be able to sell your house fast and get cash to walk away. Sometimes we catch people up on their note. Sometimes people just need some walking away from money. They just, they’re done with the house.

We can help you depending on what situation works best for you. That’s why it’s best to just go to our website, fill out our form here, put in your property, address your contact information and book a time with us to meet onsite at the property to discuss the options.

During that meeting, we’ll provide a full market analysis and your repair costs, what your home value could be worth and we’ll give you three options with our ARV program, letting you have the choice on how to sell my house fast. Homeowners that are behind on mortgage payments are often due to job loss or other situations.

We even provide free budgeting tools, budget workshops, credit repair and debt busting options to help you and show you how to get out of debt, how to get back on your feet and restart. Life is full of setbacks and we understand that we’ve been through some of our own and we understand that process on how to get out of those.

We can help you there. We have free programs that you can go through and we provide a free credit repair on our website. We provide debt busting solutions, meaning how do I get out of debt the fastest and also budgeting workshops.


If you are messed up in your bills, it’s usually because you don’t understand where your money’s going. We have a program there that you can go through and really see how to create a budget, how to live off that budget and how to start paying off your debt to get you out of the situation you’re in.

You know, come to find out and you may be able to stay in your house and we just buy the house from you and sell it back to you as an owner finance program, you do have options.

We want to help you no matter what situation you’re facing, you can give us a call at 918-212-5442 we want to help you out of your situation, but it starts with taking action. It’s a free no-obligation meeting. We will come out and meet with you.

We’ll look at your property, we’ll present that to you, and then you’ll have three choices of what to do. We’ll work with you and educate you on any questions that you may have so you have a complete understanding of what is your best solution for your current circumstances.

Everybody is a little bit different. That’s the great thing about real estate. Until the bank forecloses on you, you still have control of that property and you do have options. Act fast, before you fall into full foreclosure and get kicked out of your house by the sheriff.

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