What makes us different at Top Dollar Home Offer when we buy houses Tulsa?

At Top Dollar Home Offer we buy houses Tulsa we believe in helping you more than just buying your house. Our company does things differently by actually providing you exactly what your home is worth today. Every other company out there will ask you how much do you think your home’s worth or how much do you need out of your house?

We feel like that gives you an unfair advantage because you are not in the real estate business, meaning that you don’t know exactly what the market is holding. The real estate business and values of properties change and can change even in a month’s timeframe. That’s why when banks request and require a new appraisal before they lend on a property.

They’re only good for 45 days, so how are you supposed to know at that date and time what your house is worth when even banks won’t take a value of a property unless it’s been appraised, are significant differences is we actually put together a comparative market analysis.

It’s a detailed analysis of all the properties that have recently sold. Within a certain mile radius of your property. It will compare against the bedrooms, the sizes, the type of construction and all of those things to give you the true value of your home at that point in time.

Our evaluation is just like appraisers is only good for 30 days because when we buy houses Tulsa and make offers they are based upon that current market analysis on that current market conditions at that current time frame.

TDHO Wants to Inform You Before You Sell Your Home

The biggest significant difference we actually show you what your home is worth. Then we actually give you three options and we provide a top-dollar offer on those. Our ARV program sets us apart. It allows us to present three different options for you to get the most money out of your house.

We realize not every seller out there wants to fix up their house. We realize every seller out there doesn’t want to get creative in the way they’re selling it. We realize that some sellers out there just say I want to sell my house fast for cash. With our ARV program, we show you three different options on how we buy houses Tulsa and how you can immediately get the most money out of it.

You are able to see how to net cost out and see exactly as if, Hey, if I do this, this is how much money I would receive. Or if I partner on this type of situation, I can receive this much money. We want to show you three options and depending on your timeframe and your circumstances, then you’re able to accept the offer that’s best for you.

Regardless of whether you take our offer or not, you are going to know the value of your home.

How much is my home worth? Call us first to sell my house fast

If you’re calling our competitors and they’re coming out saying, well, what do you think your home’s worth? If you call us first, you’re going to know exactly what your home’s worth. We will show you that your home is maybe worth $200,000 and when they’re coming in, they’re offering you $80,000 because you owe $75,000 who do you trust? We are trustworthy advisors.

We are in the market of helping people and we want to show you exactly how we come up with our numbers and we spell everything out. We don’t charge any commissions, we don’t charge any fees. We are black and white with what our offer is and you can see that for yourself.

You’ll know the first thing with any type of real estate transaction, the person that owns a property is in control. Don’t ever sign anything unless you know what you’re signing.


We provide you a full comparative market analysis, meaning that how much is my home worth.

We will show you how much your home was worth when we buy houses Tulsa. Sellers often ask that or search that is a look and try to figure out what is my home worth? How much money can I get out of this home? It will only sell for what the market will hold at that given time.

And if you’re not able to pull together a competitive market as comparative market analysis, how do you know what your home’s worth? If you call one of our competitors and they show up at your house and they can’t tell you what your home’s worth. Then they’re trying to get a steal of a deal from you!

Meaning that they’re hoping you will tell them a number that’s way lower than your home’s worth and then they can make an offer a little bit below that and make you feel like you’ve got a good deal.

We are completely reversed in the way we do that. We actually will show you what your home is worth. We’ll spell it out black and white so that way you know exactly the value of your home today. And we’ll show you three different strategies to get the most money in the fastest out of your property.

We have been in business for 20 years of buying properties. We’ve held a real estate license. We’ve helped people out in all kinds of different situations. We help people with selling their house fast, or they say, Hey, I need to sell my house fast. When we buy houses, Tulsa, we actually provide other resources.


Oftentimes, homeowners are in financial stress and they need to get out of debt, or they need to understand how to budget. Or maybe they ruin their credit and they don’t know how to restart. We provide resources for you for that. We will actually show you how to get out of debt and we’ll provide you free resources on how to repair your credit.

So all these are just extra bonuses that we offer for you. We even have individuals that will and use our transfer upon deed, allowing you to pass property to your heirs without them having to go through probate, saving them thousands and thousands of dollars. So it doesn’t matter if you sell us your house or not, you’re going to get a comparative market analysis. You’re going to one, know what your home’s worth. Two, you’re gonna know exactly which option fits your best needs.

And then three, you’re gonna have access to all our free resources. And from there, then you can make a decision on who you want to deal with. We’ve been in business for over 20 years. We buy houses Tulsa, and we’ve held many different sellers in many different situations.

Whether they say, Hey, I need a sell my house fast because of a divorce or separation or job loss or medical bills, or we’re facing foreclosure help, whatever the situation may be, we can help you and we can solve those real estate issues for you. If you have more questions, it’ll give us a call at 919-212-5442.

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