We offer an abundance of free resources. Not only do we buy houses Tulsa and help homeowners who say I need to sell my house fast but we’ve often found that many of these individuals are in need of some extra resources to help them get back on their feet. Sometimes it’s restarting after a financial setback or learning how to do a monthly budget. Many have questions on what is credit and how to repair credit. Everyone that owns houses or that has a family member that’s getting older you need to file our Free Transfer on Death Deed (TOD). These are just a few examples of free resources that we provide as a company in order to better serve the people of our community and one way we are able to give back.

We provide solutions to homeowners that are saying “I need to sell my house fast”, we have been buying houses since 1999. These free resources are for anyone we just want to help people get the right foot forward. You can also find detailed videos of our YouTube Channel – TopDollar HomeOffer that you can access free. You can also access many of our different spreadsheets that are free to download that are in Google sheets.

We want to empower you with the right information, the correct information, and just be a person that gives more than just buying your house. We believe this as an opportunity that we can help you with your difficult situation regardless if you sell your house to us. We buy houses Tulsa which helps people out of difficult financial situations giving them cash to restart. Circumstance like financial difficulty, inheriting a house or dealing with an unwanted property sometime you just need a friend to speak with.


We want to be that friend to you. We’ve tackled many circumstances personally. I’ve been through divorce, I’ve been through short sells, I’ve been through the financial crisis, I’ve rebuilt my credit. So these resources that we put on here are something I used myself to overcome and move in the right direction. To save you time and difficulties, I’m giving these resources away for free. Anytime we can so more seeds out there and help more people, we feel that we’re doing our community of favor, not only when we buy houses Tulsa and metro. When we help others out and they become more established and be able to contribute more back to our community we’re all in this together.

The more we bring each other up, the more our kids will enjoy that. More families will enjoy that. It’s important for us to be able to provide you those free resources and to be able to give back. Our company not only gives back with free resources, but we give a percentage of all our profits of the properties that we buy and sell to a local charity here in Tulsa, Oklahoma depending on which charity needs it, that’s where we direct our money. We are excited about giving back what we receive. We want to pay it forward and help our community grow stronger as we raise property values by buying houses and fixing them up. When property value raise more property tax revenue is created for our County in order to do more community service improvements. Entities like our Tulsa Country libraries, Tulsa Tech, and many other places benefit from the increase in resources. Our community has the benefit if they want to pick up a new trade maybe later in life. You can even learn how we buy houses Tulsa here.

All those different things help our community and help our community grow from our schools to our libraries, and even our city and county infrastructure. It’s nice to be able to have good roads in different parts of Tulsa. We do have bad roads, but those are being worked on as we speak and before too long we will have nice, beautiful roads all around the beautiful Tulsa town.

We buy houses Tulsa and all across the metro and we’ve helped individuals in all different situations. So depending on what you may need, if you don’t see a resource up here that’s available and you’re saying, Hey, I need help with this, feel free to contact us. We continue to add to this page as we help new individuals through their difficult situations and reflect back on things that helped us over the years. We want to be able to give that back to you.

Whether it’s I need advice or I need a budget sheet or need this or that, we want to help you and we want to give that back to you. In many cases, we’ve helped people reestablish themselves. Whether it’s a question about marketing, whether it’s a question about how to buy real estate in the future or how to get into real estate, we have resources that are available for you. We’ve been through buying and selling Real estate and attending training and education seminars, over the last 20 years spending 100’s of thousands of dollars. I’ve even held a Real Estate license in the past and been on both sides of the fence. As a buyer, as a seller, as an investor, as a first time home buyer.

There’s opportunities for you to take advantage of that if you, if you do have an Indian card. There are many different programs out there. If you have questions about anything, maybe where to go find a mortgage or how to get a mortgage or how to buy a rental property, this is what this free resource pages for you. It’s for you to be able to find things that come to mind. And you can go to our website at topdollarhomeoffer.com you will find an abundance of information that can help you with questions that you may have. This page is for you. If you have suggestions or items that you would feel it’d be beneficial to add to it. Let us know! We are continuing to add to this page and want to provide you the best service, not only when we buy houses Tulsa, but when homeowners are saying, I need to sell my house fast, but I have this, this, and this situation, how can you help me?

I’m facing foreclosure. How do I stop foreclosure? How do I get out of debt? What do I do with the IRS lien? What do I do with a tax lien on my property? What do I do with the mechanical lien? All those different things happen. Life happens to all of us. We felt strongly that we wanted to add this as part of our webpage, that we can help you and together we grow stronger as a community.

If you have a friend or somebody in need that says, I need to sell my house fast then send them here. They helped me. Do they need theses free resources? You can just direct them here to get the resources.

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